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DeFi Matrix
Vertek is a full-suite matrix of trading tools that users and developers of any skill level can use to participate in the most advanced DeFi paradigm. Vote for emissions, trade perpetuals, list NFTs on the marketplace, and farm multi-token/multi-reward liquidity pools.


Enjoy low swap fees and capitalize on all liquidity at once as the Smart Order Router optimizes for best the best price with the least slippage. Self-custody and freely trade your assets as you see fit 24/7 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Put your capital to work by curating your own crypto index funds. Adjust your portfolio and get rewarded for using it as liquidity position. Earn yield on top of yield.


Get exposure to the commodities asset class. Acquire digital representations of Gold, Silver, Crude Oil, Diamonds, and more. Unlike going through a traditional broker, acquisition or liquidation of these assets is seamless, near instant, and never sleeps.


List your NFTs and transact digital art and rarities with incorruptible ownership. The Vertek Marketplace has some of the lowest fees across all NFT platforms. Denominate your prices in a variety of cryptocurrencies.


Fortune favors the brave. Permissionlessly take advantage all the tools Vertek provides. Innovate and usher in a new era for DeFi. The world of finance is changing. Be part of the future. Build with us.

Break Free

Escape the shackles of traditional finance with the silver smooth, lightning fast, indestructible surety of decentralized finance. Take control of your own wealth and grow it permissionlessly. No middle man.

Injected with a digital voice.

I speak, therefore I am.

Empowered Governance
The veVRTK system grants every user the power to influence the developmental trajectory of the Vertek matrix. Vote to direct VRTK emissions to your favorite pools, and join the swarm of cyber hornets in the Vertek DAO, all the while boosting your rewards by up to 2.5x as you accumulate veVRTK.
veVRTK tokenomics

Integrate with the Vertek Matrix

Symbiotic equilibrium

Check out the resources below to learn more about DeFi, Vertek and the technology we provide.
Earn Yield on Vertek
From multiple assets, customized token weightings and dynamic swap fees, weighted pools are the industry standard when it comes to tailored investment strategies. Discover more about this unique type of liquidity pool and how you can get the most out of it.
How to Invest in a Liquidity Pool
Start your journey as a liquidity provider on Vertek, and participate in the most classic yield farming strategy in DeFi. On Vertek this is a two-step process: form liquidity, and stake it in the gauge.
The Vertek Volta
The core DeFi instrument of Vertek. Lock VRTK-BNB here to get veVRTK, which can be used to vote for and direct emissions to your favorite Core Pools, increasing their APRs. Accumulate and compound veVRTK to boost rewards when farming Core Pools, while also receiving dividends from 50% of dex fee profits.
Boost Your Rewards
Get up to a 2.5x boost to the rewards you receive from Core Pools. The more veVRTK you own, the more boost you get. Execute the most optimal profit extraction strategy on Vertek and grow your liquidity positions in your chosen Core Pools. Stake & Chill. Compound & Pound.
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